The What I See Project recognises and amplifies women’s voices.

The Project provides an online platform for a network of women to relate to each other’s stories and become more empowered.

What I See is the brainchild of Edwina Dunn, the founder of dunnhumby, the company behind Tesco’s Clubcard and many other loyalty programmes in 30 countries around the world.3cf816f

Even though she is a successful entrepreneur and a powerful woman in her own right, Edwina didn’t feel that she was being heard as much as men in the boardroom, so she became passionate about amplifying women’s voices. She established the non-profit What I See Project to celebrate the inspiring women from everyday life whose stories would otherwise go unacknowledged.

She wanted to share the real and honest stories from women about their struggles, achievements and inner thoughts, and to allow them to express themselves freely through a website that appreciates them for who they really are.

Over the course of a year, the Project is asking women from all over the world to share their diverse and rich experiences. We have already had more than 500 contributions from over 350 women in 11 countries since we launched in February this year.

The What I See Project shows that we can survive the difficulties of life and every aspect of our lives frames the person who looks back in the mirror. Edwina hopes that all the amazing women that you see on this website will inspire you to share your story, because every woman is united by how unique she is.

The team will post written features here. Head to our official website for the latest news, videos, features, and more.

If you’re a woman over 18, we’d love to have you contribute your story to our site and become part of the global What I See community.

You can also connect with us on FacebookTwitterYouTube, LinkedInPinterestGoogle+ and WordPress.

Looking forward to chatting to you all! It’s easy to get involved – share your story on our website.

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